I am happy to present 6 new S24F originals up for sale, as well as beautiful 18″x18″ prints of “Emergence of the Kraken”.

The off-season has finally provided a bit of time to finish some art pieces. It allowed me to finish the previously teased “Euphoria” series and also create a few smaller pieces.


Both pieces measure 36″x60″ and feature a vibrant color palette. A geometric shape creates a focus as it lifts off the canvas.


Measuring 16″x16″, the Purple Series boast vibrant colors with a calming geometric overlay. I wanted to create some smaller pieces to make my works more accessible.


These pieces also measure 16″x16″ and introduce a new component. A familiar element to some, digital negative space has taken its place in the background. But conflicting 3d elements keep challenging hierarchy and direction.

Emergence of the Kraken Prints

A commissioned piece that will be unveiled at the Climate Pledge Arena on Dec.14th 2022, “Emergence of the Kraken” has been a piece long in the making. Over 150 hours of meticulous work to recreate a 1908 map of Seattle juxtaposing the vibrant and geometric emergence of the Kraken. This beautiful 18″x18″ print was stitched together from 9 photos to ensure it has the highest resolution to depict all the detail and color.


All Originals and Prints available can be found in the SHOP or by clicking on the images. Delivery in time for your Holidays can not be guaranteed, but I will do everything in my power to get them out to you as quickly as possible.


Every Good Wish,

Stefan Frei