It has been a while since I have added new content to this site. More important things have been going on. The global pandemic has forced the world to deal with the immense loss and sacrifice people have had to endure. I hope everybody is staying safe and taking care of their loved ones to ensure we all can get through this.

For the most part, my family and I have been fortunate in escaping the hardships of this pandemic, so I dedicated myself throughout 2020 to helping others that needed a hand. All of the art created last year was donated, and through some generous buyers we were able to make a small difference. From the “Roger Bennett” original and prints, to the “COVID-19” and “Burning Embers” originals, a huge THANK YOU to all the people that helped raise some funds.

As after every taxing campaign, the off-season is filled with a good amount of time in the studio to help free my mind. I was able to further myself as an artist and incorporate some new techniques by completing two new pieces, “Ponder” and “Reflection”.


drew a lot of inspiration from the well received “B-Series”. The original is proudly displayed in my mom’s dining room, but these new 18″x18″ prints still showcase new techniques beautifully.


was my first attempt to mix different art styles. The stark contrast between an organic shape and geometry creates a new dynamic that I will want to explore further in my next work. Although the original remains in my private collection, these rather large 16″x24″ prints look great on a wall.

Besides adding these two new prints, I have also decided to offer Cryptocurrency payment options (Bitcoin & Ethereum) on the website. For anybody interested, it should appear during checkout.

Art by Stefan Frei is proud to make these new additions to the store and showcase the progression of the artist. I hope these creations evoke some kind of emotion or spark a dialogue that leads to new and productive thoughts. As always thank you for all the support and please, stay safe.

Every good wish,