Hello, I'm Stefan Frei

I’m a professional athlete, goalkeeper, artist, and cynophile based in Seattle, USA.

Endeavoring to find balance and harmony through my art for myself and others, I launched this website to be closer to those people interested in learning more about my work.

Read on to understand a little more about my career journey and where else to connect with me online.

My Story

When I’m not saving shots aimed at the Seattle Sounders’ goal, I’m either in my art studio creating or out walking my two dogs – Cloi – a Shar-Pei and Mobley – a huge Great Dane – with my lovely wife, Jenn.

I’ve been a soccer player since I could walk, turning professional at the age of 23 in 2009.

For the past six years, I’ve had the privilege of guarding the goal for the Seattle Sounders; an experience I have relished through the guaranteed ups and downs of professional sport.

First and foremost, I’m a professional athlete committed to my team’s success on the soccer field, but during my time off the pitch more recently I have been focusing my energy on building a portfolio of canvases I create in my spare time.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by art. From the railway carriage on my way to school or soccer practice in Switzerland I was drawn to graffiti on the side of buildings or inside tunnels. There’s always been something thrilling about the lines, the colors, and the vibrancy coupled with the rebelliousness of it all.

I had wanted to study art at university, but with my hectic athletic schedule that was impossible, as was my second choice, architecture. So in between my devotion to soccer and a degree course in classical civilization at UC Berkeley, I started to doodle.

When I turned pro in 2009 and joined the Toronto FC, it got a bit more serious.

In pro soccer there is a lot of downtime and you can only play so many video games, right? My mom and brother had bought me a pen tablet and I started doing digital drawings using Photoshop.

Gradually, I transferred my focus from digital to canvas and have been starting to work on my style.

Beyond soccer and art, I want to dedicate time to helping others realize their dreams.

One thing I have learned in my career is that talent only takes you so far. Hard work, grit and determination also play a factor in true success. Combined, they are a powerful mixture that I hope to inspire others with and show that you can have it all, and then some.

If I can help others understand that by being industrious, they have the power to be successful in life over, and over again, I hope to enrich the lives of those who may not have had as much good fortune as me, and have them make the leap from accepting to exceptional.

What’s with the 24 in Stefan24Frei?

24 is the number I wear on my soccer jersey and my gloves. It’s been with me my entire professional career.

This site is about sharing the journey I am on as I chase my dreams and encourage others to go out and discover their balance and creativity across all endeavors.

Every day holds 24 hours full of experiences.

Go out there and make them.

Anyway. That’s a little about me. What about you?

Feel free to contact me and connect on Instagram and Twitter.