“C-02” of the C-Series as well as “Brain Corruption” are the first pieces that I am able to make available to the public since the start of the pandemic. 2020 was filled with quite a few art projects, but almost everything created was donated to auctions helping people get through these difficult times. I am extremely proud to finally be able to share these works that have kept me busy in the studio and have allowed me to grow as an artist and a person over the last few months. Enjoy!

C-02 (C-Series)

The second piece in the C-Series bringing in a warming, fluorescent orange while maintaining its meaning with the embedded definition of climate change.

Brain Corruption

Brain Corruption is a commentary to the ongoing tobacco moment of social media. An addiction that slowly melts away the brain as digital features corrupt and consume the organic.

Both of these Originals are now available in the SHOP.

Thank you for checking out my latest works and following my journey as an artist. I am currently in the final stages of setting up prints to be made available for both of these works. Stay tuned and until then, I wish you all Happy Holidays and an amazing start into the New Year!

Every good wish,