Hello all,

I am so happy to have finally launched S24F. It’s a huge step following yet another passion and seeing where it takes me.

The A Series was received quite well and I hope everybody that was interested was able to get a Limited Edition Print, I know some of you had been waiting patiently. But it’s time to continue making more pieces, so I’ve been working hard on the B Series. This run will consist only of one original, but it’s alot bigger than the works of the A Series. The design stretches over an impressive 60″ by 40″, lots of room for details.

The B Series sketch made in Illustrator

Different shades of green make up the underpainting, while an electric yellow zips across the canvas. The subtracted whites will play with negative space, but I also love how certain places will be transparent allowing us to peak through. I can’t wait to see how it will all come together, stay tuned for the B Series.

Every good wish.



  • Can’t wait for the B Series! Love the green (of course). Best wishes for your continued success–off and on the pitch!

    • Hey May, great to hear the B Series speaks to you. It will make its way onto the website soon, stay tuned. Enjoy the rest of your week.
      Every good wish,

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