Art by Stefan Frei is proud to announce that the B-Series is now available in the shop.

The original measures an impressive 36″ x 60″. I also heard you guys loud and clear, so the limited edition prints of this series are bigger, measuring 19.5″ x 30.5″.

This was an exciting project, experimenting with a monochrome underpainting and adding an electric yellow on top. I also tried to wrap the design over the edges, which in turn brings in a three-dimensional perspective when viewed from an angle . Geometry is everywhere and as sharp and precise as it tends to be, I find something soothing about it as well.

On another note, I was proudly featured by GeekWire as their Geek of the Week. You can check out the article and QA right here.

I am learning a lot and already have new and exciting ideas for the next project. Until then, I hope you enjoy the B-Series.

Every good wish,



  • Hey Stefan Frei! I’ve meet you a couple times at meet ups and at Starfire! But I’m just wondering if you can make some posters of your painting because I think they are so cool! I love your artwork and I hope to see more awesome artwork soon! Keep up the awesome artwork and hope to see you on the field soon!

    • Hello Ruben,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to hear you like my paintings. Although there are no “posters” available, you can find prints of all my works in the shop. Some are bigger than others, so please read the descriptions. Hope you find something that speaks to you,
      Every good wish,

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