Art by Stefan Frei is proud to announce that the B-Series is now available in the shop.

The original measures an impressive 36″ x 60″. I also heard you guys loud and clear, so the limited edition prints of this series are bigger, measuring 19.5″ x 30.5″.

This was an exciting project, experimenting with a monochrome underpainting and adding an electric yellow on top. I also tried to wrap the design over the edges, which in turn brings in a three-dimensional perspective when viewed from an angle . Geometry is everywhere and as sharp and precise as it tends to be, I find something soothing about it as well.

On another note, I was proudly featured by GeekWire as their Geek of the Week. You can check out the article and QA right here.

I am learning a lot and already have new and exciting ideas for the next project. Until then, I hope you enjoy the B-Series.

Every good wish,