“C-01” Original





The C-Series

The C-Series consists of three Originals. The HotPink of C-01 brings a pop to the piece as different hand-writing techniques contrast the precise geometry. The Series also serves to highlight the definition and impact of Climate Change.

This is the first project to incorporate a deeper meaning. I have come to the conclusion, that my journey as an artist needed to include a purpose besides trying to inspire people to follow their passion. I believe that the never ending quest to follow one’s passions is connected to a thirst for knowledge. An ambition to grow as a person in understanding something better than we have in the past. I hope that the hidden, deeper meaning of my future works can help facilitate that growth.

Dimensions: 60″ x 36″
Medium: Acrylics and Mixed Medium

C-01 is also available as a Limited Edition Print, as well as a Standard Edition print.